What Kind of Driver are You?

Driving a car is a necessity particularly in the western world and certain traits are needed to ensure one’s safety on the road at all times. Not all drivers, however, follow traffic rules every time they’re behind the wheel. Sometimes, if not often, they forget the right things to do and become negligent resulting in car accidents affecting lives and properties.

A new research has revealed that there are actually seven types of driving personalities. The study done by social psychologists from the London School of Economics in partnership with Goodyear looked into the way European drivers deal with their own feelings and what they think about the behavior of other motorists and road users.

Dr. Chris Tenant, lead researcher, noted that although you are driving your vehicle alone, you still need to interact with other drivers at some point towards your destination and this presents challenges.3

The Teacher

The teacher makes an effort to tell other drivers the wrong things they are doing. He or she also expects to be acknowledged for teaching them about following traffic rules.

The Know-It-All

This know-it-all driver feels confident of himself and thinks the other drivers are so-called “incompetent fools.” This type of driver has the habit of shouting at other drivers.

The Competitor

This type of driver is competitive on the road and can easily gain enemies. Car accident lawyer Daniel Gibalevich said this person wants to be ahead of others and gets upset when another car overtakes or gets too close to him or her so they make sure that no other vehicle can get in front of them. You would easily recognize a competitor if he or she constantly accelerates when other vehicles get near them or get passed them, he added.

The Punisher

The punisher has the habit of punishing other drivers for their misbehavior on the road. Also referred to as road ragers, these drivers have a tendency of confronting others by getting out of their cars and approaching them directly to point out what they’ve done wrong.

The Philosopher

The philosopher, on the other hand, acknowledges his misbehavior without second thoughts and can even explain it in a rational manner. This person is able to control his or her feelings while driving.

The Avoider

This kind of driver treats other drivers who misbehave on the road in an impersonal manner. He or she considers other drivers not following traffic regulations as road hazards.

The Escapee

Escapees, meanwhile, are capable of diverting their attention so as not to be annoyed by the misbehavior of other drivers. Hence while behind the wheel, this type of driver prefers to listen to music or talks on the phone during stops. This strategy also allows them not to get frustrated with the traffic situation.

The Smart Driver

The smart driver is not included in the study but is rare to find these days. This person fully understands that driving is a dangerous task and prepares for it every day before he or she sits behind the wheel. This type of driver also recognizes the need to upgrade his driving skills to avoid the dangers he or she might face while on the road.