Want to Use Motor Cycle on Rental Basis? Here are Few Questions to Ask Before Renting

If you are interested to hire a motor cycle on rental basis then reading this small article can be useful to you. Mentioned below are various guidelines that can be useful to you.

Ask following questions

If you want to rent a bike in Japan then ask these questions to the rental companies. You must visit a number of rental companies and ask questions to compare and select the best offer.

  1. Find out whether they get their motorcycles serviced by an authorized service center. Authorized service people will keep the vehicle in top condition.
  2. Are they offering old motorcycle or the latest model of the motorcycle? Old motorcycle will not give better mileage.
  3. What kind of insurance is available for motorcycle? Is it third party or comprehensive?
  4. In case, you meet with an accident then what are your liabilities?
  5. What happens if the motorcycle breakdowns on the way then who will be responsible to repair it?
  6. Can you get one-way rental? Suppose you want to visit some place and from there you want to proceed in train or some other means and not return back. Can it be dropped at your destination?
  7. Do the rental companies provide free luggage storage?

How to book motorcycle on rent?

While booking a motorcycle on rent, it is important to know about their booking cancellation policy. Every company has different policy of their own. Some companies charge for cancellation while some do not charge if the cancellation is informed before certain period.

Before booking for motorcycle renting, you need to provide your credit card information to the Rental Company. In case, you are comfortable with that then you can suggest paying by PayPal or bank transfer instead. Since motor cycle booking is an online process, you can always get in touch with them through email or telephone.

While booking your motorcycle, you must specify the kind of motorcycle you prefer. The rental company will try to provide you as per your requirement. However, in case of unavailability they may upgrade it to higher level without charging you anything extra.

You must also specify how much distance you are likely to travel so that the rental company providse suitable tire for the motorcycle.

Taking possession of motorcycle

While taking possession of the motorcycle check thoroughly for any apparent damage. Ensure that all safety indicators are working properly. Check fuel level, brakes and all others to ensure that the motorcycle is in proper running condition. Make sure that the tires are in good condition and proper amount of air is filled in. Make sure that the entire check list is properly verified.

Get familiar with the vehicle and clarify all your doubts. Sign only after you are fully satisfied with all aspects of the vehicle.

Returning back

Return the vehicle at the right place and if you have made any damage then be honest to admit as the rental companies are fully aware about their vehicle.