You have probably noticed that the technology in car keys has continued to improve over the years. The improvement in technology is beneficial as it enhances the safety of our cars by protecting them from theft. Unfortunately, the improvement in technology has a downside for most car owners, especially those who are prone to misplacing their car keys. Car key replacement is not as simple as it was before, when you could just pop into your local hardware store and have someone cut another key for you.

The new technology in most modern car keys requires the re-coding and re-programing of the keys in order for them to operate the vehicle. The process is quite expensive for normal cars, and the price only goes higher for vehicles that are more sophisticated. However, there are a few things that you can do to avoid these exorbitant costs when it comes to replacing your key.

If you do not need to replace the key immediately, then you can purchase the replacement over the Internet. The Internet has several dealers with different prices, most of which are cheaper than the car dealership prices. Research the internet thoroughly for a credible site that offers discounts on car keys.

Once you find the right site, purchase the key, have it delivered to you, and then look for a locksmith near you to cut and program the key for you. For instance, if you are within the Orlando vicinity, all you have to do is search on the Internet for car key replacement Orlando FL, and you will be able to locate the nearest locksmith to your location. You will find that the total cost of purchasing the key over the internet, and then hiring a locksmith, will be less than half of the amount that you would have spent if you opted to replace your keys at a car dealership.

To save even more money, you can opt to reprogram the key by yourself. There are countless of videos online that can give you step-by-step guidelines on how to program the car key you just bought from the online dealer. This will help you avoid the cost of having to pay the locksmith to do the reprograming for you. The only cost you will incur with the locksmith in such an instance is the money you will have to pay him to cut the key.

You may need to replace the car keys because the buttons on the fob have stopped working. Before you begin the process of replacing them, replace the battery and see if the buttons will start working. To gain access to the battery, just pry open the fob, and then take note of any numbers you see in the slot. Remove the old battery and take it to a retailer or a drugstore for a replacement.

If replacing the battery does not seem to help, then the issue could be with the electronics of the fob. Again, avoid going to the car dealership if you want to save some money. Purchase the key online for a cheaper price, open it, and remove the electronics including the buttons. Transfer the assembly to your original key, and follow the simple reprogramming instructions found online.