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Less than an hour south of Vancouver, British Columbia lies the little-known suburb of Tsawwassen. On paper it looks like a mouthful, but locals know that the ‘s’ is silent. They also know that Tsawwassen is a portal to so many special parts of the province. Providing the only road to the popular cottaging community, Point Roberts, and the central port connecting the Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island – not to mention its own local hiking trails, beaches, and tourist sites – it’s a prime destination spot for those who want to experience BC in a unique way.

There’s so much to see in beautiful BC, even when you limit your holiday to the Lower Mainland and the Island. No single sightseeing package could possibly cover all of the destinations that you want to visit. Even if they could, the price of these private bus tours would take a serious bite out of your holiday budget. A preferable and conveniently more affordable way of seeing this part of the world is by hiring a rental car. When you have the luxury of driving a rental down the highway, you’re never obliged to follow another person’s schedule. You get to choose when you visit a destination, and only you get to decide what those destinations will be.

The freedom a rental gives you during your vacation is one you have to try. You’ll be impressed with how much you can see behind the wheel of a car, so make sure you check out the rental car companies as soon as you book your flight. Some companies, for example Delta Car Rentals, have streamlined their service so you can easily coordinate your flights with one of their vehicles. As the top Tsawwassen ferry car rental, located just outside of the Tsawwassen Port, they also service downtown Victoria and the Victoria International Airport. Check out to see where exactly they’re located. With absolutely no additional fees, they provide airport pickups and drop offs at the airport, so you can start or end your trip without backtracking.

Regardless of whether you want to stay on the Island or head further north on the Mainland, their vehicles will get you there – wherever ‘there’ may be. Some people prefer to explore the area by driving through national parks and camping sites. Others prefer to head to the American-owned Point Roberts where they can rent a cottage. The choices are near endless in a place like British Columbia. And with the wheel of a reliable car under your hands, you can visit any of them that you want. The only limitation is how long you can get away from work! So contact a Tsawwassen car rental service – for a short or long-term stay – and see how much of the province you can explore.