When and How to Find Manual Transmission Repair in Lakewood

Because only about 6.5% of new cars today have manual transmissions, most drivers don’t have a lot of experience with them. Manual transmissions are very reliable, but when they do have issues, they should be repaired immediatelyto prevent more expensive procedures down the line. Fortunately, a few guidelines are all you need to figure out if your vehicle needs to be serviced. If you are in Lakewood for transmission repair, you can read below for information on how to find a reputable repair shop.

How Do You Know When You Need Transmission Repair?

It is relatively easy for most car owners to know when they need manual transmission repair in Lakewood. Simply put, if you feel, hear, see, or smell anything out of the ordinary while driving your vehicle, you probably need to get it assessed. For instance, if you feel a prolonged delay followed by a sudden surge in RPMs while shifting gears, this may mean that it’s time for a clutch replacement. Other possible signs of problems include having difficulty disengaging the clutch or the stick slipping out of gear.You should not be hearing grinding, whining, or thudding noises when shifting or sitting in neutral. You may also notice issues with the transmission fluid such as leaking or a burning smell.

As you can see, the symptoms of transmission trouble are generally obvious. When in doubt, it is best to get your car or truck checked out by a professional. While a false alarm costs you relatively little, one of the costliestrepairs you can have is a full replacement of your transmission.

How Do You Find a Good Repair Shop?

While it can be difficult to find an experienced Lakewood transmission repair shop, you have many resources available to you. Online ratings typically give you a good overview of a shop’s service and there will be plenty of reviews telling you about their experience. Asking friends and family members who have manual transmissions is another good way to get reliable evaluations. Organizations such as the Better Business Bureau often have a list of accredited businesses that you can trust.

Once you have the names of a few mechanics, it’s time to take a closer look. Check to see if the shop offers warranties on their services; less reputable shops rarely stand by their repairs. Does it pass the eye test? A good shop will look clean, organized, and inviting. You should also not be afraid to get quotes from multiple mechanic shops. Exceptionally high or low prices can be warning signs as most shops will charge about the same amount for parts and labor. Finally, a good technician should be able to explain and often show you exactly what is wrong with your transmission. If they can’t, do you really want them working on your car?

With a little information, it’s very easy to make sure your transmission stays in good shape. It’s important to remember that if you know what a good transmission feels like, you should be able to tell when it needs some repair. A little research goes a long way in finding an experienced Lakewood transmission repair shop.