What To Expect From Professional Movers

The process of moving can seem overwhelming, even if you are excited about the prospect. What seems like the simple task of boxing everything up and taking it somewhere new can easily morph into a gargantuan undertaking. There is no need to fret, however. For a reasonable price, you can hire moving companies in Portland to do the work for you from start to finish. Many professional movers offer full service moving. After evaluating the job at hand and quoting you a price estimate, they can pack your belongings, load them in the vehicle of your choosing or a van of their own, transport them, unload the vehicle at the new location, and even unpack your boxes once they get there.

Estimating and Packing

Because every moving job is different, most moving services in Portland often offer a free quote for your particular move. Some companies will even perform a walk-through of your home to get visual confirmation of how big a job it might be. The estimate they give you should include all the services they agree to perform and how many movers it will take to perform these services in the allotted time. Keep in mind that some items, such as a piano, may cost more to move than others due to the difficulty and level of skill required to move them safely. The estimate ensures that there are no surprises at the end of the job when it is too late to say you do not want a service. Once you have an estimate, you may decide it is worth the price to have your professional movers pack your belongings for you with the same care that you would use yourself.

Loading and Transporting

Another benefit of hiring moving companies in Portland is that they organize and load the moving truck for you. You do not have to worry about figuring out the puzzle of making everything fit. You can leave that to the professionals! They can bring all the tools needed to move heavy items, whether that move is down the stairs or just down a long, winding walkway. They can secure your belonging so that everything remains secure during the drive. If the company is using its own truck to move your items, the movers can drive the truck, releasing you from the liability of doing so.

Unloading and Unpacking

Once you arrive at your location, the movers do everything they have already done in reverse. They can carefully unload the vehicles. They can move all your furniture and place it exactly where you want it to go in the new house. Remember all those boxes they packed? They can help you unpack them so that your new home is well on its way to being livable, right from the start.

Enjoy Full Service Moving

You might initially balk at the cost quoted to you by moving companies in Portland. After you get a firm understanding of the sheer immensity of the work involved in packing, loading, organizing, and completing a move, however, you will probably decide a full-service move is money well spent.