Debunking some myths about car rentals

Car rentals are taking the transport and travel industryby storm. It is a cheaper option than buying a car and using public transportation as well in the long run. People who travel a lot have also embraced rentals. For them, it is a convenient way to move around and get the most out of their business trip or vacation. Many car owners are also making the shift to car rental services.

With  every industry, whether budding orbooming,there are bound to be  varying opinions. Many of these may be true but some are just myths. Let us debunk some myths about car rentals

  • You will pay as much if you show up on the day you would like the car.
    Booking in advance is advisable. This not only allows you to save but it is a guarantee you will find a car. During peak seasons, if you are a walk-in renter chances are slim that you would get a vehicle and if you do it would cost more.
  • Only choose major rental companies like Hertz and Avis.
    Brokers take advantage of this kind of thinking and mix the big names with some local car rental companies. You end up paying more for services than you would if you sought them out yourself. Services you would get from some independent local rental companies match those you get from the big brand names. It is this for reason that, a rental comparison portal lists just a few reliable rental companies. This is so you compare prices and book cheap rentals.
  • Companies will always charge for damage.
    This is propagated through hearsay and reviews sections and customers conclude this is so. On the contrary, damages are rarely charged and even those that are charged are usually negligible. Besides, insurance covers most repairs.
  • All rental companies are similar.
    T&Cs vary with every company although some may seem similar. luxury car rental LAX Airport  has different terms from another rental company in London. It is important to note significant differences so you are not caught unaware. The companies change with time and so do their T&Cs.
  • You can find a car rental at any time.
    Some people assume that since airports are open 24/7, so are car rentals. It is for that reason that people pick up and drop off their rentals anytime and incur extra charges. It is important to find out companies’ office hours to avoid this and their charges for picking or dropping off after hours.
  • You will definitely get exactly what you book.
    You will get the exact size you booked but color and model may vary. This because companies use SIPP codes to allocate the rentals.
  • If your flight is delayed and you arrive the following day, you will find your rental.
    Most car rental companies give a 4-hour allowance after the time you reserved. If you do not show up, they will follow up if you provided your flight details. Otherwise, the rental may be hired out or returned to the fleet. It is therefore advisable to call in in case of any delays.