How To Buy Great Car Sun Shades

Buying car sun shades is necessary in many different situations and it is an investment that should seriously be considered. However, most car owners out there do not know that much about them. According to windshield replacement Victoria BC professionals, many simply do not add the car sun shades as they do not know about the opportunity or do not understand the associated advantages. Because of this, here are some facts you want to know. They will help you to buy the very best car sun shades for your vehicles.

Standard Sizes Do Not Exist

Windshields will come in practically all dimensions associated with vehicles. This is quite obvious since a car sun shade designed for the 18 wheeler will be way too large for the regular sized car. Standard dimensions though do exist. We have 24’’x58’’ that will fit most of the mid-sized vehicles. There is also a standard one for RVs and SUVs. What you have to do is mention the windshield and you will be able to choose an appropriate size.

Shields For The Tinted Windows

Contrary to popular belief, it is a very good idea to buy car sun shades if you have tinted windows. The windows that are tinted will not be added in full to the front windshield. Many of the front windshields are just going to cover a small region in the top. Over 90% of the windshield and your full dashboard will be exposed. Installing transition lenses is what many manufacturers want to do now but it is not a reality.

It does not matter how tinted the other windows of the car are. Most of the damage and heat will enter through the front window. Replacing the entire dashboard of your car is definitely not something that you want but it so often becomes a true necessity because of all the damage that appears. The online retailers will make it quite affordable to buy sun shields so why not think about the opportunity?

Car Sun Shields With Two Sides

There are many car sun shades that have a reflective side and a matte side. Confusion appears when installing as many vehicle owners do not know what side should face the outside. Shiny surfaces will reflect heat and sun. Matte surfaces are going to absorb them. With this in mind, it should be pretty obvious what side should be on the outside and what side should be on the inside.


Car sun shades are very useful for every single vehicle owner out there. You want to be sure that you consider this but you simply cannot buy the very first model that you find on the market. Make sure that you research all the options that are available so you can choose a car sun screen that is as effective and as high-quality as possible. Your investment will surely pay itself off in a really short time since it is going to protect the interior of the vehicle from different possible damages that could appear because of UV ray effects.

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